As social enterprises position themselves with an increasingly diverse workforce and customer base, SoJoGo works strategically to build alignment across all stakeholders to ensure that EDI initiatives align with business strategies. Socially conscious businesses are committed to more than just profits.

All consulting engagements begin by assessing your EDI organizational needs as well as your organizational readiness to initiate and sustain that change. We identify pivotal starting points for our clients in order to co-create customized engagement plans. Our services combine thought leadership and business consulting practices. SoJoGo can offer a wide range of customized suite of services such as:




Provide direct consultation with individuals or teams to create specific EDI professional development goals for visionary leaders who are focused on sustained and meaningful transformation.

  • Develop and strengthen organization-wide EDI initiatives to support recruitment efforts, professional development plans, and organizational restructuring options.

  • Foster a culture of diversity and inclusion for team building, peer learning, work/life balance, team retreats, and overall trust building.

  • Offer curated conversations for leadership teams ready to launch and navigate EDI initiatives but not sure where to start. Sometimes leaders just need to talk as a first step.


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We work with enterprises looking to diversify their corporate boards and incorporate an EDI lens. Our work goes beyond compliance issues, counting widgets, or public relations optics. Ultimately, its about supporting leaders committed to both business goals and social impact

  • Offer board development training and resources that incorporate an EDI lens to key fiduciary topics ranging from risk management to strategic planning.

  • Explore knowledge management strategies that allow boards to continuously make data-driven decisions that support both their financial and social impact targets.

  • Develop and update board recruitment strategies and customized toolboxes that reflect and respond to demographic changes and cultural shifts in an increasingly changing world.



We believe that diversity and inclusion promote social impact and purpose beyond profits. Ultimately, we seek to partner with purpose driven, forward thinking enterprises that also value fairness and equity in the new economy.

  • Explore how to incorporate a socially conscious and EDI lens to corporate branding strategies.

  • Explore community engagement plans, strategic partnerships, and similar strategies that support corporate commitments to EDI and a more equitable world.

  • Identify and explore disparities data as a way to demystify notions and assumptions about the role the private sector can play in advancing racial equity.